Video Score for Ryan Kirk’s “A Suite of Miniatures”

This is the video component for the piece A Suite of Miniatures for Violin by my former composition student Ryan Kirk. The piece was written as part of his degree in composition at Dalhousie and the video score developed as part of my research project Towards the Development of a Multimedia Score. To get the traditional score for the piece, please contact Ryan at:

You will find below concrete examples of techniques used in the piece. If you scroll down the page, you will see a performance of the work by Mark Lee.

For all examples: Mark Lee, violin

1. Left Hand Pizzicato

From Ryan Kirk’s “A Suite of Miniatures”

2. Open String Vibrato

3. Tapping bullet

4. Metal Dowel

5. Bouncing Dowel

6. Gator Clips

7. Wooden Dowel

8. Rubber Mallet

9. Octave Harmonics

10. Sliding Harmonics

Performance by Mark Lee:

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